Guest-hosting the Todd Huff Show: A Conversation About Perseverance Through Pain

by | Sep 16, 2021 | Life

This past Monday I had the opportunity to guest-host the Todd Huff Radio Show on Freedom 95 here in Indy. While the primary content for Todd’s show typically orients around politics, I decided to adjust the show’s conversation in a slightly different direction in light of the immense challenges we all are facing as people, family, communities, and as a nation.

As a part of the conversation, I invited my good friend, Todd Scoggins, to come along and join the conversation. Todd is one of the most accomplished professionals I know—both in architecture and in his incredible talent with photography and videography. And his servant’s heart has allowed him to leverage his gifts in politics and the mission field.

However, within the last year Todd has been faced with the one of the hardest situations of his life. He has been battling a serious medical condition that has resulted in near-constant pain through much of his body. While progress is being made, it has forced him to make some major adjustments to his life.

As I’ve shared here on the blog before, Aisha Ahmad reminds us that “calamity is a great teacher.” But only if we are willing to learn. We cannot determine the challenges we may face in life. But we do have a choice about how we will respond when the challenges come.

If you missed the original radio broadcast, you can listen to it here. Hopefully, it will be of help to you on your own journey.